Big Baller brand posts cryptic message on Instagram

All isn’t well at Big Baller brand. The dying company that LaVar Ball insists is fine has not had a functioning web site for 2 weeks. That’s a fairly major problem for an apparel company with no brick and mortar stores. Their entire distribution network is based online, however as noticed by Jacob Rude of Lonzo Wir, they’re also trying to contact their customers online for an unspecified reason. They issued this cryptic message on Instagram to those who have purchased at least one of 2 pairs of their shoes, the ZO2 2019 shoes or the G3 lux sneakers.

As Rude 1st noted, the obvious takeaway from this message is that big Baller brand is planning to issue refunds for shoes that have been purchased but not delivered. That would be the wise thing for a corporation to do if it were getting ready to go out of business and wasn’t interested in manufacturing the products it’s already sold-out. There’s not another apparent reason for all customers of a given product to reach out to them unless there is a problem with that product specifically. That wouldn’t be not possible, however it seems unlikely.

The simplest explanation is usually the right one, and the simplest explanation right now is that one of the founders of Big Baller brand, Alan Foster, allegedly stole over $1.5 million in cash from another founder, Lonzo Ball. That second founder happens to possess 51 % of the company according to multiple reports, and currently seems set on leaving the corporate entirely. Whereas nothing has been announced, he has posted lots of cryptic Instagram messages of his own. One included a quote from a recent Nike ad.

Ball and Foster represent two-thirds of the ownership of the corporate, with Ball himself owning more than half of it. Ball is additionally the company’s solely endorser currently playing in the NBA, and the only other candidate on the horizon to join him, LaMelo Ball, is at least one year out. It’s consistently garnered failing grades from the better Business Bureau, the products themselves usually received mixed reviews, and the Ball family has become something of a laughingstock in giant part due to the misadventures of Big Baller brand.

This company is going to shut down. It’s only a matter of when, and this latest message is just another indication that the end is nigh. It was a worthwhile experiment. Had Ball been a better player off of the bat and had there never been problems with Foster, this could have been a very innovative step into the future for athletes disinterested in operating with existing brands. However it failed. It’s time for everybody involved to just accept that and move on.